Treasure Coast Brings it Home!

Treasure Coast High School brought home many awards (and had a lot of fun, too) from their recent FPSA event.  Take a look at the awards!

Our Criminal Justice Academy is on a ROLL! Look at the awards they brought home!

Marketing Poster – 5th Place: Kyrah Carter and 1st Place: Selina Velazquez
Community Service Project – 2nd Place: Aaliyah Brown
Use of Force Novice – 2nd Place: Tim Ferriera
Use of Force Advanced Team – 5th Place: (Tim Ferriera, Alexis Bednarcik , Noah Duren, & Matthew Ferriera)
Job Seeking Skills – 1st Place: Ariana Ramos
Miss Public Service – 2nd Place: Megan Wichern
CPR – New Guidelines – 4th Place: Aaliyah Brown
Evidence Packaging – 1st Place: Megan Wichern
Forensic Investigation: $750 Tuition Scholarship to Johnson and Wales University – Kyrah Carter, Brooke Santino, & Lara Calazans
Filing a Traffic Stop – 1st Place: Matthew Ferriera and Tim Ferriera
Law Enforcement Officer Obstacle Course (Female): 2nd Place: Melanie Perez and 1st Place: Juliana Marrero
BrainBowl: $1000 Tuition Scholarship to Johnson and Wales University – 1st Place: (Megan Wichern, Logan Lowrey, Selina Velazquez, & Alexis Bednarcik)
Building Search – 3rd Place: Tim and Matthew Ferriera, Logan Lowrey, & Noah Duren
Chapter Achievement Award: 5th Place – Treasure Coast High School

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Author: Stephanie Stark

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