Three Schools Attend Youth Awards Program for Energy Achievement in Washington DC

Three St. Lucie Public Schools were represented in Washington, D.C. last month at the Youth Awards Program for Energy Achievement.  Mariposa Elementary, Morningside Elementary, and Lincoln Park Academy attended the N.E.E.D. (National Energy Education Development) Project festivities.  NEED students understand energy.  They are local experts and leaders in community discussions on energy use, energy efficiency, and new energy technologies.  Students learn how to design buildings better to maximum energy efficiency and to keep our buildings healthy.  NEED students are the future of the energy workforce.  Students interested in engineering, science, economics, environmental sciences, law, geology, and a host of other disciplines have a role in the energy industry.

Florida Elementary Finalist – Mariposa Elementary School

Project Advisors: Adam Archer and Mary McCartney

Pictured left to right: Cathy Smith, Allysha Lillard,  Tnanazia Young , Johann Vianna, Mary McCartney, Mikayla  Sampson, Monica Kalina,  Ariana White, Hannah Wright, Justin Locklar, Jan Feliciano Alvarez.