Three Area Schools Distinguished

Lincoln Park Academy, Palm Point Research School at Tradition, and West Gate K-8, have been distinguished by Florida’s State Board of Education as Schools of Excellence. To be eligible, schools must have an A or a B for each of the last three years and rank in the 80th percentile in their school type or grade grouping for at least two of the most recent three years.

“All three schools boast rigorous academic programs and cater to multi-age groups,” explained Chief Academic Officer Dr. Helen Wild. “Lincoln Park serves grades 6 – 12 and both Palm Point and West Gate serve grades K – 8.”

As a school principal, Henry Sanabria indicated that he is proud to include this as one of the Greyhound’s points of pride.  Palm Point’s Kathy Perez and Melissa Hutchings of West Gate agree that the distinction is a mark of excellence for their respective schools. All three school leaders attribute the positive qualities of each staff’s professional culture to on-going talent development and to the focus on student achievement.



Author: Lydia Martin

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