Proclamation for Education Support Professionals Day

WHEREAS, public schools are the backbone of our democracy, providing young people with the tools they need to maintain our nation’s precious values of freedom, civility and equality; and

WHEREAS, education support professionals are an integral part of the education process; and

WHEREAS, education support professionals work tirelessly to serve our children and communities with care and professionalism; and

WHEREAS, on a daily basis, our education support professionals take great pride in using their numerous skills which are rooted in human relations, communications, verbal presentations, technical knowledge, use of resources and positive personality traits; and

WHEREAS, the educational support professionals in our school district are to be commended for the professional manner in which they perform their duties; they put forth effort, individually and collectively, to assure that our educational system will continue to have prosperity and success;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the School Board of St. Lucie County, Florida, does hereby recognize and proclaim November 18, 2015, as National Education Support Professionals Day and urges all employees and the entire community to join in this observance by expressing grateful appreciation to the education support professionals for their commitment and dedication to the school system.

Author: Lydia Martin

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