The Corral at PBPA: Feeding Families

Performance Based Preparatory Academy is one of the schools fighting to break the stigma between finance and food. In two months, Performance Based became eligible to be the site of a School and Teen Pantry. PBPA had to work with the Treasure Coast Food Bank to satisfy their application and site requirements. Once everything was completed, PBPA was officially approved to operate on November 15th.

Our students and their families can take home non-perishable food as well as toiletries with no questions asked. In our two months of operating The Corral, we had students and their families reach out more than once for items.

PBPA’s School Counselor, Mrs. Kayleigh Nemo, wanted to start the pantry at PBPA after she helped firsthand with the pantry at Treasure Coast High School. She got to see how many students and families needed the help and were truly grateful for whatever assistance was provided. Mrs. Nemo has set up a way for students or parents/guardians to complete an online form to request items. The form gets submitted only to Mrs. Nemo in order to ensure as much confidentiality as possible. Next year PBPA would like to expand their efforts and be able to put together Thanksgiving and Christmas boxes to send home with families.


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