Support is Blooming for New Teachers

ST. LUCIE COUNTY – A recent professional development campaign tagged as “The Marigold Effect – Seeds of Change” was designed to foster literacy support and mentorship for new teachers.  According to Mandy Rowland, literacy curriculum specialist for St. Lucie Public Schools (SLPS), this particular training was designed to foster the positive support offered by the District’s literacy coaches.  “The marigold symbolizes positive, strong, cheerful, and protective qualities; likewise, our veteran educators encourage, support and nurture teachers so they will positively thrive,” said Rowland.


The focus on support is not uncommon as the attention of the District’s human resource team has been directed heavily on efforts to retain its quality teaching staff in order to lessen the number of new hires each year.  Providing mentoring support, coaching for instructional and behavioral strategies, and offering classes to support recertification are key components to sustaining a stable instructional team.  “We’re making positive student achievement strides in this District.  That is due to our teachers and support staff, and we’re committed to do everything we can to provide them with exceptional professional experiences so they can sustain the momentum,” said Rafael Sanchez, executive director of human resources for the District.


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Marigolds, donated by Lowes (St. Lucie West), supported the theme of a literacy coach training entitled “The Marigold Effect – Seeds of Change” about mentoring and coaching new teachers.

Author: Lydia Martin

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