Students Take the Lead at SOMS Student-Led Conference

Southern Oaks Middle School students hosted their parents for a student-led conference night on Thursday, November 16, 2023. Parents were marked present as their students took the lead in instruction. Parents were informed by their children on their subject area performance. Students presented their best work, explained their learning, analyzed their district assessment scores, and discussed with their parents how they planned to improve their academic performance. Before sitting with parents at the student-led conference event, students took weeks to complete a folder for presentation. They collected work from each class for the folder. Students were required to include work they were proud and not so proud of and could improve upon. The final folder was expected to be a fair representation of the student’s academic work across all subject areas. The hope of teachers and administrators was that working through the folder and the final presentation would be a probative, self-evaluative experience for each student and lead to greater academic success. Parents at the student-led conference were able to provide their children with feedback through a parent feedback form that students will keep in their folders. Students received grades for their instructional communication with parents. Students who did not have parents at the conference will conference with teachers or a peer student. The next student-led conference event is scheduled for the spring of 2024.  


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