Students preview Westwood High veterinary assisting program

Manatee Academy K8 School Vet Prep students and their parents recently visited Fort Pierce Westwood High School’s Veterinary Assisting Facility. Westwood’s Career and Tech Ed (CTE) Vet Assisting and Agricultural Biotech students hosted the campus visit, along with instructors Lisa Davenport and Charles Paschal, with the support of Westwood’s ninth grade counselor Monarae Buchanon. Manatee K-8 Science/Vet Prep instructor Lisa Friend said the visit was a great success, students were amazed at the variety of activities and learning experiences available in the Westwood program, and had many questions following the tour. Westwood students commented on how the Manatee students were so well-behaved and excited to see the high school campus. Pictured are Manatee Academy students Tori Mulligan, left, and Jessica Alles with a rabbit.