St. Lucie Public Schools is making progress toward the Billion Step Challenge.  Invite more friends to join your team!

Need some ideas on how to get those extra steps in?

Take a look at Stacy Jacobson Donnelly’s Triple W Wellness Newsletter each Wednesday.

From 5K runs to low impact exercise classes, there are tips to get everyone moving.

How about a 5K Run/1 mile Walk? *3rd Annual Treasure Coast Heroes 5k Run/1 mile Walk

Make your errands count! Park farther away from the front door.

Take an extra loop around the grocery store or market before you check out.

Take the stairs whenever possible.

Use your breaks for fitness!  Instead of sitting during your lunch hour, take to the road for a midday walk.

Make time for a brief walk every evening, even 10 minutes a day can really add up.

Take the longest route to your co-workers desk, the restroom, or the water fountain.

Schedule a walk like an appointment, this way you’re sure not to miss it!