State of Jobs Big Draw for Students

On October 25, 2018, roughly 280 SLPS seniors from across the entire district attended State of the Jobs conference (SOJC). Students learned about various aspects of Skilled Trades, Manufacturing and Healthcare. The three career fields were identified in the Skills Gap Analysis as critical areas in need of workers.

Students learned about each career path and were provided first-hand information within each pathway. Students engaged with vendors on career opportunities and learned about post-secondary education options. The Skilled Trades pathway allowed students to try different skills such as Plumbing, Electric, HVAC, Framing, Screening, Drywall, etc. The Manufacturing pathway provided students with the opportunity to “taste” a product manufactured locally — juice from Natalie’s Juice Company. The healthcare pathway provided students with an abundance of hands-on activities that enhanced students level of engagement. Students learned about financial assistance from FAFSA, about scholarships, and about everything in between.