St. Lucie West Centennial cadets attend leadership academy

Shortly after school ended, St. Lucie West Centennial High School Navy Junior ROTC proudly sent seven cadets to Leadership Academy to learn how to become the future leaders of their unit. Pictured, rom left, Cadets Dane Tushinski, Devin Spellman Michael Battaglia, Johnna Moody,Luis Still and Ro-aine Graham, along with Chester Merrill who is not pictured, were selected to attend due to their achievement in academics, athletics, and military aptitude. Training at the academy began with chaos and yelling from retired Marine Corp Drill Instructors, as they instilled attention to detail and discipline in each cadet. Throughout the training sessions, the academy had a boot camp atmosphere as the cadets learned that in order to become a good leader, one must first become a good follower. The classes they attended included leadership studies, military etiquette, orienteering, military customs, water survival, and sailing. Physical training also played a major role at leadership academy. Each day began before sunrise with calisthenics and sprints, and the day ended with a two or three mile run. All seven cadets passed their physical fitness and academic tests with flying colors. Congratulations to Eagle Navy’s newly minted leaders.