St. Lucie Public Schools State Science Fair Winners

ST. LUCIE COUNTY – Participation and recognition at this year’s State Science and Engineering STEM Fair and Competition in Lakeland, Florida, proved to be laden with accolades for St. Lucie Public Schools (SLPS) students.

Based on the project selection criteria from the Regional Fair, top-ranking students were selected to advance to the State Fair.  Escorted by their chaperones, they ventured from St. Lucie County to Lakeland for the three-day event.  Once there, they had the opportunity for their projects to be judged, to network with others, to engage in inquiry and problem solving, and to glean ideas for future exploration.  According to one of the chaperones and local Science Fair Coordinator Paul Reif, “The students continue to amaze me.  Not only do they have a passion for their projects, but they have honed their communication skills expertly so that their opportunities to discuss project research and findings with judges are equally remarkable.”

Of the 11 participating SLPS students, 10 walked across the stage to receive special awards, categorical place recognition awards, or placement awards.  Congratulations to:

Callie Zheng (Junior Division)

Cellular and Microbiology

Can Bacteroids Be Detected in Sediment Samples Collected and Saved for Three Months

Special Award: Brevard; South Regional Science and Engineering


Jillian Markle (Junior Division)

Earth and Environmental

Ugh! Another Invasion of Weevil in Florida

Fourth Place

Special Award: US Department of Agriculture


Asha Budhai (Junior Division)


Keep the “Oil” in Soil



Christopher Swinford and Anthony Oreo (Senior Division)


Foiled Again

Honorable Mention


Alexis Beans (Senior Division)

Physics and Astronomy

The Effects of Electromagnetic Waves on SAR Levels

Special Award: Thomas Alva Edison Regional Science and Engineering Fair


Koushal Rao (Senior Division)

Cellular and Microbiology

Targeting Mistranslaion in Cancer Therapy

Third Place


Haniya Shareef (Senior Division)


Can Anareobic Soil Distribution Create a Disease-Suppressive Soil…

Fourth Place


Reddy Shreya (Senior Division)

Earth and Environmental

A Cost Efficient Solution to Citrus Root Destruction: Developing a Defensible Barrier against Citrus Root Weevils Using a Methixanthine Affect

Second Place

Special Award: Florida Agriculture in the Classroom, US Department of Agriculture


Kevin Duan (Senior Division)

Cellular and Microbiology

Development of Rapid Detection Methods for Citrus Huanglongbing Using Host Plant

Fourth Place

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Author: Lydia Martin

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