St. Lucie Public Schools Business/Organization Alliance: Strengthening Our District Through Partnerships

St. Lucie Public Schools (SLPS) recognizes that building strong partnerships with businesses and organizations is essential to supporting student success and preparing them for their future careers. To this end, the district has established the St. Lucie Public Schools Business/Organization Alliance, a program that encourages collaboration between the district and the business community to help support innovative programs, projects, and activities that benefit students, teachers, and the community as a whole.

Business/Organization Alliance members can support SLPS through a variety of ways including donating supplies or equipment, sponsoring a scholarship to be managed through the Education Foundation, job shadowing internships, career fairs and career materials, or being a member of a CTE Advisory Council Board.

In return SLPS will provide participating businesses/organizations:

  • Recognition on Social Media
  • Recognition on the District Website
  • Spotlight on WLX Horizon
  • Invitation to Annual Business Recognition Event

Please visit our Business/Organization Alliance agreement form and help support SLPS and the community today!


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