St. Lucie County Clerk Holds Town Hall Meeting with Dan McCarty Civics Students

Dan McCarty Middle School is stepping up their civics game this year!

The local middle school was proud to welcome County Clerk Joseph Smith into the Eagles family for a visit to all seventh graders. It’s a state requirement for seventh graders to have a civic education, and Dan McCarty has found innovative ways of teaching the subject. The visit from Clerk Joseph Smith was an opportunity for students to communicate with an elected official about public policy ideas and interact with a public servant who was also once a student in St Lucie County.

The children responded to this occasion with enthusiasm and open-mindedness. The seventh-grade teachers observed the students with pride. As an educator in attendance, I felt as though I could see the civic motivation begin to spark in the student’s eyes as they carried on educated conversations with the Clerk.

Written by Rachel Phillips, a seventh-grade civics teacher at Dan McCarty Middle School

Photos courtesy of Jessina Hernandez,  Dan McCarty Middle School civics teacher

Student Kearion Smith answers a difficult question, “Who writes federal laws?” Clerk Joseph Smith inquires over the P.A. in the Dan McCarty Cafeteria with around 250 seventh graders in attendance. “The Legislative Branch,” Kearion correctly answers.