Palm Pointe Students Conducted Scientific Research Along the Indian River Lagoon

Palm Pointe’s Environmental Club participated in the “A Day in the Life of the Indian River Lagoon” program on October 4th along with approximately 1,800 students and teachers from over 30 schools, with the help of over 30 natural resource expert organizations, engaged in hands-on science exploration at over 32 sampling sites along the Indian River Lagoon. Students, teachers, and volunteers collected samples from Volusia to Palm Beach Counties representing the entire length of the IRL. Palm Pointe’s Environmental Club was a part of this!
This experiential science research program designed to help students develop an appreciation for and knowledge of the ecosystems being studied, to collect useful scientific data regarding the ecosystem’s environmental health, and to allow students to become stewards of the ecosystem’s water quality and natural resources. Students used hands-on field techniques to collect various chemical, physical, and biological parameters of the lagoon to determine how their local piece of the estuary fits into the larger ecosystem. The results will be compared annually to past and future measurements by students, teachers, land use decision makers, civic groups, state agencies, and the general public. This data generates a snapshot of the overall health or an environmental report card of the lagoon.
The “A Day in the Life of the Indian River Lagoon” event was coordinated and managed by S.E.A. a Difference Environmental Services.