Spread the Good News

From board rooms to ball fields, Superintendent E. Wayne Gent is sharing the positive messages about St. Lucie Public Schools!

  • B Rated School District with No Failing Schools
  • Ranked 22nd Among Florida’s Districts (Top Third) Based on Academic Achievement
  • Number of A Schools Increased From 5 To 8 This Year
  • Number of A and B Schools Increased By 40% Over the Last 2 Years
  • 90.1% Overall Graduation RateUpload Files, and Ranked 5th in Florida
  • Highest Ranking District on the Treasure Coast Based on Graduation Rate
  • Named One of SLC’s Best Places to Work
  • Identified as a District of Distinction for Creation of Progress Monitoring and Intervention Data Dashboard
  • Accredited by AdvancedEd
  • Home to Rigorous Academic Programs and 32 Career and Technical Academies

Author: Lydia Martin

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