What started out as a routine drop by visit to observe Oak Hammock first grade teacher Joy West teach Common Core writing has turned into a lasting friendship between students, teacher and Assistant Superintendent Dr. Mark Rendell. The first grade common core learning goal for writing states that Students will be able to write a variety of opinion, narrative, and informative pieces using digital tools to produce and publish writing. To meet this goal, students chose their favorite book, found three reasons that supported why they liked the book, planned their writing using a multi-flow map, created a draft, revised, edited and published a class book of opinions. Because of Dr. Rendell’s high interest in all students, he continued to visit the class and keep up with the students throughout the process. As a culminating celebration, students’ eyes beamed with excitement as they listened to Dr. Rendell share one of his favorite books, “Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes”. Dr. Rendell’s apparent love for children and the interest that he has taken has created a memory that will last a lifetime. Pictured is Dr. Rendell, with Ms. West and her students.