Southport Middle School makes language learning fun and exciting for students and their families

Parents and students in the After School Language Learning Lab are delighted to spend their time in the Media Center learning English, Spanish, and French using the Rosetta Stone computer program. What began as a Title III program specifically for English language learners has caught on with other students who are now learning Spanish and French. Pictured in the photo from top left include Althea Charles, Angel Lima, Emmanuela Tranquille, Milena Alvarez, and Alexandra Chisholm. On the bottom starting furthest back are: Milena Alvarez, Laureanna Arrabe, Leanne Arrabe, Lianys Betancourt, Rachel Zhou, Axel Rueda, Ignacio Lopez, and Jhony Phy Kyaw.  The after-school program is available to all Southport students and their families.