Southern Oaks Students Bring Black History to Life with Live Wax Museum

On February 27th, sixth-grade students at Southern Oaks Middle School made their contribution to the school’s many Black History Month events. Students hosted a Black History Month wax museum impersonation experience unlike any other. Sixth graders were visibly transformed into Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Tina Turner, and even Beyonce from head to toe. One parent added she shopped for clothing and paraphernalia after studying the pictures of Rosa Parks. Parents and other classes had a walkthrough experience and were able to see and hear students performing their impressions of notable African Americans. For their Black History Month assignment in World History, students selected one notable person then performed research, and prepared all month for the wax museum presentation. The wax museum was held in the cafeteria. When approached by visitors, students had to give a short synopsis of their African American person. World History teachers, Cintron and Leane, were very impressed with the efforts that their students put into the wax museum experience.



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