Southern Oaks Student Achieve 100% CTE Pass Rate


Southern Oaks Middle School Career and Technology Education (CTE) students accomplished a remarkable achievement by receiving a 100% pass rate on their ICT Cyber Security Essentials digital tools certification examination. For the school’s CTE teacher, Mr. Marvin Williamson, this is his third time receiving a one hundred percent pass rate in his four years as the school’s CTE instructor.

Mr. Williamson noted that the accomplishment is significant, as the thirty students in his class only received three weeks of training for what normally takes four to five weeks. Furthermore, as a true middle school, and not a K-8, some of his students have never been introduced to the concept of digital tools and digital certifications. Mr. Williamson designed his own curriculum for instruction and utilized the software program uCertify. uCertify is the platform for digital tools training and testing for certification attainment. The cybersecurity digital tool earned by the students taught them how to prevent internet fraud, the prevention of cyberbullying, the importance of netiquette, social media privacy concepts, and much more. With the freedom to design his own curriculum, the one hundred percent pass rate is a true reflection of Mr. Williamson’s instructional capabilities.

In addition to earning an industry essentials certification, students will be forwarded the opportunities to sit for more advanced digital tools in high school and add this accomplishment to their curricula vitae and college applications. St. Lucie Public Schools’ CTE classes offer students rigor in academic technology for high school, college, and the workforce.

Mr. Williamson commented that, “I’m happy the students got a taste of success.” He’s excited that most of his students will do something great in high school and beyond. They now know what it’s like to face adversity, be tested, and overcome.


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