Southern Oaks Middle students focus on reading

Southern Oaks Middle School sixth grade students recently received small group instruction for reading in preparation for the upcoming FCAT.  Southern Oaks media center’s Cathy Odom and Kim Johnson organized the event for the students.  Sixth grade students from Cathy Ciccarelli’s and Kevin McInerney’s classes participated in the rotation.  Students were placed in groups of five or six each day and traveled through four different classes on reading.  Kaitlyn Granger and Vincia Gavoni taught Author’s Purpose, Cathy Ciccarelli and Tiffany Barrett taught Text Features, Sara Denning and Jo Ann Conard taught Context Clues, and finally Jack Babcock and Kevin McInerney taught Computer Testing Skills.  The student’s response to the small group activities were overwhelmingly positive!  Pictured, from left, are Altynai Davis, River Eichas, Melene Joseph, Charity Richadson, and Alexander Schrimer.