Southern Oaks Gives Students a Red-Carpet Welcome

Students at Southern Oaks Middle School received a welcome back to school worthy of celebrities and dignitaries. Teachers and staff rolled out a red carpet for students complete with fanfare, pom-poms, music, lights, and cameras. Yards upon yards of red carpet rolled for lengthy stretches, one from the bus loop and another stretched from the front gate as students took their first step on campus for the 2023-2024 school year. Students were cheered on by all the adults on campus dressed on one accord in newly issued school spirit shirts. Henry Sanabria, principal, and his entire staff were dressed in this year’s theme shirt: “Inspire the Desire to Learn.” Students in turn were inspired, excited, and surprised at all the fanfare in their honor. Students paused for photos as they became the celebrities of the day. One student, Joseph Annis, stated, “I had a great first day of school.” Other students smiled at the end of the day thanking teachers and staff for a memorable first day back to school.



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