SLW Centennial’s Criminal Justice Student Completes Judicial Internship with Judge Maynard

St. Lucie West Centennial’s Criminal Justice/Law Academy student, Vincent Chin, was selected from all the local high schools to intern with U.S. Magistrate Judge Shaniek Maynard.  Vincent and Judge Maynard worked together from July 5 until August 5, and was an official member of Judge Maynard’s Chamber Staff.  This prestigious internship was based on teacher recommendations and afforded Vincent the chance to earn community service hours during his time as an intern.

The highlights of the summer internship included observing Criminal Duty Court in person at the Fort Pierce Federal Courthouse, portions of Criminal and Civil Trials in person at the Fort Pierce Federal Courthouse, a sentencing in a criminal case in person at the Fort Pierce Federal Courthouse, and observing via Zoom various types of civil hearings, including resolution of parties’ discovery disputes and hearing oral argument on motions for summary judgement.  Judge Maynard also afforded Vincent chance to participate via Zoom in various training events organized by the Southern District of Florida for judicial interns, prepare and present an overview of new Supreme Court cases to Chambers’ staff, prepare a chambers’ directory of all law clerks and judicial interns who have worked for Judge Maynard.  Vincent also assisted with organizing the legal library and conference room within Chambers, and with organizing parties’ briefings for the Judge’s review in preparation for resolving motions for summary judgement in social security cases.

Judge Maynard hopes to provide an internship opportunity for one high school student each summer.


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