SLW Centennial NAVY JRTOC Wins 1st Place!

Cadet Lieutenant Commander Nikolas Ramirez holds up the 1st place trophy for Personnel Inspection.

The SLW Centennial High School’s Navy JROTC “Black Talon” Unit competed in the Lake Howell High School’s NJROTC “Silverhawk” Showdown Drill Meet against 15 other NJRTOC units.  The field meet competition is composed of Academic, Drill, Physical Fitness, and Personnel Inspection.  The SLW Centennial “Black Talon” won 1st Place in the Personnel Inspection portion of the Field Meet Competition!

The “Black Talon” unit came in 1st place in the Personnel Inspection portion of the Lake Howell Drill Competition.

The Personnel Inspection portion of the competition is one of the most challenging events on the Field Meet to do well in. Not only are cadets graded on overall uniform appearance, but they are also judged on proper position of attention and body position, overall knowledge and response to questions, their overall bearing and poise during the inspection, and finally their personal hygiene appearance like hair length, hair bulk, nail length, nail cleanliness and color.


Armed Exhibition Drill – Marching while spinning rifles.
Unarmed Exhibition Drill – non-standard marching while stomping and slapping of hands.
Unarmed Basic Drill – Regular marching
Armed Basic Drill – Marching with rifles
Color Guard

The Drill portion of the Field Meet evaluates, Unarmed Basic Drill, Armed Basic Drill (with Rifles), Unarmed Exhibition Drill (non-standard marching), Armed Exhibition Drill (Spinning Rifle marching) as well as Color Guard presentation with the United States and Navy Flags.

The “Black Talon” unit also competed in Push-ups, Curl-ups and a relay competition.

SLW Centennial High School’s NJROTC Relay Team placed 2nd in the 16 x 100 meter relay.


They came in 2nd place in the 16 by 100 meter relay competition, where 8 males and 8 females sprint and exchange a baton against the other units. They also placed 5th in Team Push-ups and placed 5th in the overall Athletics portion of the Field Meet.

The “Black Talon” unit placed 5th in the Team Push-up portion of the competition.


Also, we are extremely proud of Cadet Lieutenant Commander Aidan Rossell, our Training Officer in charge of getting the Drill Competition team ready for these Field Meets. He personally placed 2nd in the Individual Male Push-Ups portion and earned a personal 2nd place medal!!!!


The SLW Centennial High School’s Navy JROTC “Black Talon” unit will travel south to Pembroke Pines, Florida, on Saturday, February 4th, 2023 to compete in their next Field Meet competition which will be hosted by Charles W. Flanagan High School NJROTC called the “Stars and Stripes” Field Meet. They look forward to coming home with more trophies and earn a state bid for the Florida State Championships in March. Wish them luck!!!


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