SLW Centennial Navy JROTC Performs Color Guard for Treasure Coast Navy League

The SLW Centennial High School’s Navy JROTC “Black Talon” Company performed the Color Guard for the Navy League Treasure Coast Council’s Luncheon on Tuesday, October 17th, 2023, at the Pointe West Country Club in Vero Beach.

The Navy League holds monthly luncheons with guest speakers taking about various experiences had while in service to their country. This year’s luncheon was in celebration of the United States Navy’s 248th Birthday!


The Color Guard was performed by Cadet Lieutenant Commander Alesha Alexandre (Left Rifleman) , Cadet Lieutenant Casey Scott (Ensign Flagman and Color Guard Commander), Cadet Senior Chief Petty Officer Sean Stewart (Unit Flagman), and Cadet Senior Chief Petty Officer Mayreeana Neston (Right Rifleman).




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