SLW Centennial NAVY JROTC Holds Annual Military Inspection

Sideboys Salute
Inspecting Officer, Commander William Gerhart (US Navy Ret.) is whistled aboard by the side-boys as they salute his arrival.

On Wednesday, January 27th, 2021, The SLW Centennial High School’s Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) conducted its Annual Military Inspection (AMI) on its football field. Multiple distinguished and honored guests attended, including Purple Heart recipient Major Hal Davis (US Army Ret.), Navy League Treasure Coast Council Youth Director Captain Peter Petrelis (US Navy Ret.) and United States Special Forces Association Members Lieutenant Colonel Lynn Steele (US Army Ret.), Sergeant Bill Sander (US Army Ret.) and Sergeant Art Walker (US Army Ret.).

The AMI is an inspection conducted annually by a Navy representative to ensure that each NJROTC unit is operating at and maintaining the Navy’s standards. The AMI consists of a Personnel Inspection, a unit area inspection, and is followed by a formal military ceremony. This year’s official party included the Inspecting Officer Commander William C. Gerhart (US Navy Ret.), SLW Centennial High School Principal Ms. Andrea Popwell, SLW Centennial High School Assistant Principal Ms. Sandra Oliveira, and NJROTC Senior Naval Science Instructor Lieutenant Victor L. Aponte.

During the ceremony the Armed Silent Drill Team performed for the Inspecting Officer and guests.  The Drill Team consisted of Cadet Lieutenant Commander Ian Martens, Cadet Lieutenant Bryson Laurent, Cadet Lieutenant Junior Grade Julian Ortiz, and Cadets Senior Chief Petty Officer Alek Yatsushkevech.

The Pass-in-Review was executed with 90 cadets and led by the SLW Centennial Eagles Black Talon Company’s Commanding Officer, Cadet Lieutenant Commander Ian Martens.  There were four (4) platoons formed for the ceremony.  All four platoons where lead by their respective Platoon Commanders.  First Platoon (1st PLT) was lead by it’s Platoon Commander, cadet Lieutenant Junior Grade Julian Ortiz.  Second Platoon (2nd PLT) was lead by cadet Senior Chief Petty Officer Alek Yatsushkevech. Third Platoon (3rd PLT) was lead by cadet Chief Petty Officer Gregory Vetrano.  Fourth Platoon (4th PLT) was lead by cadet First Class Petty Officer Aidan Rossell.

The SLW Centennial NJROTC would like to thank all of the cadets, parents, distinguished guests, teachers, administrators, and custodial staff of SLW Centennial High School for the success of this years AMI Ceremony.

Side-boys salute
SLW Centennial High School’s Principal, Ms. Andre Popwell is whistled aboard at the start of the Pass-In-Review Ceremony.
Present Colors
SLW Centennial High School’s NJROTC Black Talon Company Commander, cadet Lieutenant Commander Ian Martens addresses the company.
Inspecting Officer Speaks
Inspecting Officer, Commander William Gerhart (US Navy Ret.) speaks to the guest prior to the conclusion of the Pass-In Review.
Armed Sient Drill Team
The Armed Silent Drill Team performs for the Inspecting Officer and guests during the Annual Military Inspection.
Fist Platoon (1st PLT), lead by Platoon Commander cadet Lieutenant Junior Grade Junior Ortiz and Guide-On cadet Third Class Petty Officer Aaron Columbia march during the Pass-In Review.


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