SLW Centennial Navy JROTC goes to Marine Corps Boot Camp!


The SLW Centennial High School’s Navy JROTC Navy Eagles “Black Talon” Company visited the Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island on a field trip from November 28th until December 1st, 2023. The field trip is based on what a “Marine Recruit” would experience.

When the cadets arrive they proceed to barrack check-in and learn how to make a “rack” and store their belongings, they proceed to the Mess Hall for “chow” and learn how to eat quickly while sitting at attention.

The cadets had real-life stressors to deal with while at “Boot Camp” to include participating in PT (Physical Training), obstacle courses, confidence courses, weapons simulation training, and practicing Marine Corps drill (marching).


The cadets benefit by gaining a tremendous amount of self confidence. For cadets contemplating a military career, this field trip experience re-assures them that they have what it takes to successfully complete boot camp.

Two cadets that have already committed to joining the Marine Corps are Cadet Lieutenant Casey Scott and Cadet Petty Officer First Class Zachary Columbia.  They both have enlisted in the United States Marine Corps through the Delayed Entry Program (DEP) and will be “shipping” off to boot camp after they graduate high school later this year. They were able to take a picture with the Commanding General of Marine Corps Recruit Depot Brigadier General Walker Field.

The SLW Centennial NJROTC “Black Talon” Company looks forward to visiting Parris Island again next year!



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