SLW Centennial HS Navy JROTC Participates in Do-You-Give-A-Ruck “Battle of the Branches” Obstacle Course Event


The SLW Centennial High School’s Navy JROTC “Black Talon” Company participated in the Do-You-Give-A-Ruck “Battle of the Branches” Veteran’s Benefit Obstacle Course on Saturday, April 29th, 2023.

The event benefits veterans by donating non-perishable food items as well as provide housing for homeless veterans in the area.

There were four “Black Talon” teams that participated.

Alpha Team consisted of Sean Stewart, Jade Sikorski, Justin Lotak, and Peyton Mangine.

Bravo Team consisted of Nikolas Raia, Daniel Sharpe, Ahlyis Medrano, and D’Andre Bramwell.

Charlie Team consisted of Zachary Columbia, Kristian Claudio, Athaniel Morales, and Alesha Alexandre.

Delta Team consisted of Mayreeana Neston, Keyanna Jackson, Jaheim Gallimore, and Lieutenant Victor Aponte.

The Do-You-Give-a-Ruck “Battle of the Branches ” is a 2 or 4 person obstacle-course-run to determine which Military Service is the “best” that day!  It was open to all the services including Team Army, Team Navy, Team Marines, Team Air Force, Team Coast Guard and Team Space Force. The event was open to civilians, veterans, JROTC programs, and recruiting stations.  There were over 20 obstacles that needed to be conquered! All teams had to ruck-march to the obstacle course, drop their packs, run the obstacle course, then pick up their packs and run to the starting point.


The “Black Talon” company competed for Team Navy and won the BEST JROTC Unit at last year’s event.  However, this year Team Coast Guard won the event.

#DoYouGiveARuck? is on a mission to make life better for veterans, and they are marching their “troops” towards that objective. The money raised through sponsors and the items that are brought in everyone’s rucksack are donated after the event directly to organizations that are making a difference in Veterans’ lives.

The SLW Centennial Navy JROTC “Black Talon” Company looks forward to participating in this great event again next year!


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