SLW Centennial High School’s NJROTC Navy Eagles “Black Talon” Company holds its Annual Military Ball

The SLW Centennial High School’s Navy JROTC Navy Eagles “Black Talon” Company held its Annual Military Ball on Friday, April 14th, 2023.  The “Black Talon” Unit held the event at the Hutchinson Shores Resort and Spa located in Jensen Beach.

The event started at 5 PM with a “Social Hour” so cadets, parents, and school officials could mingle and socialize. Then, at 6 PM, the “Receiving Line” formed, consisting of the “Black Talon” Commanding Officer, c/LCDR Nikolas Ramirez and his guest Daniella Ramirez, SLW Centennial Assistant Principal Sandra Oliveira, Principal Andrea Popwell, and Senior Naval Science Instructor Lieutenant Victor L. Aponte and his wife Jennifer.  The “Receiving Line” is a Military Ball custom where all participants introduce themselves and their guest to the official parties of the ball.

After the “Receiving Line” the Military Ball’s Official Party was introduced. This year the Official Party were Principal Andrea Popwell and Lieutenant Victor L. Aponte.


After the Official Party “arrived” the event officially began with the Presentation of Colors by the Color Guard comprised of c/SN Jacob Ramos (Right Rifleman), c/PO1 Zachary Columbia (Ensign Flagman and Color Guard Commander), c/PO3 Kristian Claudio (Unit Flagman), and c/PO3 Nolan Hamel (left Rifleman).

The “Ball” continued with the Prisoner of War and Missing in Action (POW/MIA) remembrance ceremony performed by c/PO3 Kylie Pierce (U.S. Army), c/SN Natalia Ventura (U.S. Marine Corps), c/SN Brittany Burke (U.S. Navy), c/SN Harmony Black (U.S. Air Force), c/SN Hei “Priscilla” Chu (U.S. Coast Guard), and c/SR Monique Campbell (U.S. Merchant Marines).

The tradition of explaining the “Grog Bowl” and “Parading the Beef” were followed as well as the the Official “Cake Cutting” Ceremony where the oldest cadet passes a piece of cake to the youngest cadet in the unit, symbolizing the passing of knowledge from the “Old Salt” to the young sailor. This year, the unit’s oldest cadet was c/SN Jesse Desentz and the youngest cadet was C/SN Harmony Black.

The Guest Speaker this year was the unit’s very own Senior Naval Science Instructor Lieutenant Victor L. Aponte.

After the speech, the unit was surprised by having an impromptu promotion ceremony, for cadets Kylie Pierce, Nolan Hamel, Cameron Critchlow, Hei “Priscilla” Chu, Jacob Ramos, Kristian Claudio, Athaniel Morales, Natalia Ventura, Brittany Burke, and Nikolas Raia.

After the promotion ceremony the final event of the night took place, the announcement of the SLW Centennial’s “Black Talon” Unit’s Court was announced.

This year the Duke was c/LCDR Nikolas Ramirez and the Duchess was c/PO1 Mayreeena Neston.

The Prince was c/PO3 Jaheim Gallimore and the Princess was c/PO1 Keyanna Jackson.

Finally, the King and Queen of the Court were c/SCPO Daniel Sharpe and c/LTjg Jade Sikorski.


The night concluded with the King and Queen opening the dance floor with the first dance, after which everyone was invited to participate!


We can’t wait to have it again next year!




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