SLPS Education Referendum Passes with 66% of the Vote

St. Lucie Public Schools Superintendent E. Wayne Gent and School Board members thank St. Lucie County voters and community members for supporting the education referendum with a 66% vote.

“The record number of returned ballots and support from our community speaks volumes to the value placed on a quality public school education system. High performing students must have high performing teachers, and they must have opportunities to learn on safe and secure campuses,” said Superintendent Gent. He added that students will also benefit from expanded mental health services and important programs afforded to them by this referendum.

“Many people worked hard to help educate the community on the need and the benefits of this referendum,” said School Board Chair Debbie Hawley.   “We appreciate the collaboration and dedication of our employees, union partners, parents, business partners, community groups, and civic organizations.”

This is a four-year referendum, and Gent stressed that funds will only be utilized as they were promised.  He said, “As an added layer of assurance, the District will form an Advisory Committee to provide oversight on expenditures.”


Author: Lydia Martin

Staff - (Changed 3/18/2024 10:57:15 PM)