Running Full Steam Ahead at Southport Middle School

Southport Middle School is Running Full STEAM Ahead!

Southport Middle School presented an amazing night of events on December 19th across the school campus for our students and families. The South Florida Science Museum from West Palm Beach hosted a STEAM event with 20 interactive high-tech activities including a 3D Printer, Virtual Reality Headsets, Lego Mindstorm activities, Robots, Roller Coasters, Legos and more!  Student volunteers from St. Lucie West Centennial High School and Southport staff assisted with the activities and students were thrilled with the exciting learning experience! The Treasure Coast Beekeepers also attended to teach students about bees and making honey and they brought a living bee hive for students to enjoy!  A special thank you to Hungry Howie’s Pizza for their generous donation that allowed us to bring the Museum to our school!  

Fabulous History and Science Fair projects were also showcased for students and families to see.  We are so proud of our students’ hard work, research and efforts in creating such outstanding projects!  Our art department also exhibited student art masterpieces and a life-sized mural of the cave art paintings of the Lascaux Caves in France. It was truly stunning!

Our spectacular night concluded with our Southport Middle School Band performing the annual Winter Band Concert featuring holiday music along with classical, movie, popular, and jazz genres to celebrate this exciting time of the year.  The entire evening was a complete success!