Restoring the Village – Volunteers Needed

Restoring the Village Reunion Weekend
June 17-18, 2016

Restoring the Village Reunion Weekend is an initiative of The Lighthouse Foundation focused on rebranding and reuniting Lincoln Park Village Alumni with the youth of northwest Fort Pierce through mentoring and community service activities. This grassroots community movement ( is unifying and organizing resources to make our city a safer and more enjoyable place to live. This unique fellowship seeks to eliminate social, ethnic and financial barriers while permanently binding adults and children alike to the success of the historic Lincoln Park community.

Residents within the Lincoln Park area are excited about this upcoming inaugural event. The weekend begins with mentoring sessions at the renowned Lincoln Park Academy Auditorium. Groups of youth will be exposed to Lincoln Park Alumni both local and from afar with backgrounds in medicine, aeronautics, engineering, professional sports, pharmacy and technical fields. An evening of alumni fellowship will follow the mentoring sessions allowing members to relax and network prior to Saturday’s workday with mentees and the community at large. On Saturday, June18th, the mentoring continues as speakers from the Friday mentoring sessions and other community leaders roll up their sleeves and get busy with the community project painting, landscaping, mulching and cleaning the chosen 25th street corridor. It is during this service to the community phase that mentoring bonds are strengthened.

We are asking you to join us by investing resources and volunteers through sponsorships and contributions. Your sponsorship contribution will go further than we could describe. Our goal is to move the minds of our residents toward hope (specifically the youth), while holding our business owners to higher standards of pride in their physical locations that will pay dividends for generations to come. Your support is greatly appreciated and will be utilized to enhance the community.

How can you help?

There are multiple ways to participate and support in this critical community effort. Listed below are a few ways you can contribute.
• Financial Contributions are desired and graciously accepted
• Scholarships for the deserving students from the community
• Summer 2016 Internships ( paid ) through your business
• Outdoor Cleaning supplies
• Volunteers
• Golf carts for water delivery to work area
• Bottle water and refreshments for volunteers
• Trucks and/or trailers for moving mulch from storage area to site
• Foremen with experience managing work crews
• Paint supplies (brushes, rollers, trays)

Visit our to register/volunteer or for more information.





Author: Lydia Martin

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