Referendum Renewal Passes – Thank You Voters!

Thank you to the voters of St. Lucie County for passing the Referendum Renewal on November 8, 2022! The vote passed with 67% voting “yes”!

The overwhelming support speaks volumes to the recognition and appreciation for the first-class education that SLPS provides for our students. We are committed to ensuring that the best part of a child’s day is coming to school.

Recruiting and retaining the very best teachers is a priority.  The funds from this renewal will enable us to continue to offer teacher salaries that are competitive with surrounding school districts.

The safety of all students, staff, and visitors to our campuses is also essential. These dollars will continue to enhance safety with trained school resource officers on every campus.

In addition, students are coming to school with challenges unlike any other time in our history and expanding mental health services is critical.

Finally, the funds generated by the referendum renewal will allow us to support special programs such as fine arts, music and career/technical education. A citizen’s advisory oversight committee will guarantee this.

This would not have been possible without the support from the community, and St. Lucie Public Schools, along with its staff and students thank you!

To learn more about the referendum, along with budget breakdowns, visit:


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