Recycling is Fun!

Treasure Coast High School Students Encourage Second Graders to Recycle

As part of their community service project for Skills U.S.A., Arielly Dias, Arthur Waddell, and Olivia Wallman visited several of the elementary schools in St. Lucie County including Palm Pointe, Bayshore, and Manatee in an attempt to emphasize the positive effects that recycling has on a community and its environment. Through an interactive presentation, second grade students learned that recycling is creative and fun. With objects such as a bag made from plastic bags, a purse and wallet made from juice pouches, and a game called “recycling basketball,” the students were able to experience firsthand the different innovative ways of recycling. The main goal of the presentation was to impact the youth of St. Lucie County by showing them that even though they are young, they can make their communities and local ecosystems safer to live in just by recycling.

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Author: Stephanie Stark

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