Pull Apart the Post-It

Frances K. Sweet 5th grade students were guided in a positive direction by rising senior Haniya Shareef of Lincoln Park Academy.  She conducted a motivational and career-oriented seminar for students by facilitating discussions about their potential career paths, presumed weaknesses, and identified strengths. Students were encouraged to recognize their weaknesses but refuse to accept them. Additionally, they were encouraged to emphasize and develop their strengths in order to utilize them as they explore and develop their potential career path.

During a seminar exercise, students wrote their weaknesses on one Post-it Note and their strengths on another Post-it Note. After the seminar, all 5th graders ripped up their weaknesses Post-it Note and saved their strengths Post-it Note. Shareef said this will serve as a symbol to remind students what they should be thinking and doing to support their future career pathways.


Author: Lydia Martin

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