PSLHS Raider Meet

On Saturday, November 7th, 2020, the JROTC Jaguar Battalion’s Raider Team hosted a Raider competition at Port Saint Lucie High School. Our mixed team, male team, and female team competed in each of five events: Relay Race, Fitness Challenge, Rope Bridge, Tire Flip, and a mile of Cross-Country Rescue. Each of our teams snatched a well-earned victory in every event, and every cadet at the meet showed good sportsmanship, including cadets from other schools that participated. This meet could not have been possible without our booster parents and our support cadets who provided food, helped run the events and made sure the meet ran efficiently. This meet ended in a huge success, and we look forward to hosting another raider meet on the 21st of November.


Author: Lydia Martin

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