The Port St. Lucie High School Jaguar Battalion achieved a score of 98.25% on its JPA inspection, allowing them to maintain Honor Unit with Distinction Award, represented with a yellow star worn above the name plate on the right-hand side. The day began with a Continuous Improvement and Service Learning briefing. Directly after each briefing, the Platoon and Color Guard drill evaluation was conducted followed by Cadet and Instructor Portfolios. The last event was the out brief where guest Mr. Denniston disclosed scores. The Continuous Improvement briefing scored a 32.75/35, the Service Learning briefing scored a 20/20, Platoon Drill scored a 14.75/15, Color Guard Drill scored a 14/15, Cadet Portfolios scored a 20/20, and Instructor portfolios scored a 60/60. The JPA Inspection is conducted every three years, and the PSLHS JROTC has been an Honor Unit with Distinction for the past 25 years.