PSLHS Attends Florida State Raider Competition

On November 16, 2019 the Port St Lucie High School Jaguar Battalion Male and Female Raider teams competed at the state level at Boy Scout Camp Flaming Arrow in Lake Wales, FL. The teams went through physical and mental challenges and overcame a lot of different tasks to get through the competition.  Many of our teams persisted on even when they were past their breaking points. They performed with the most effort and determination to accomplish their tasks. The events they competed in were Rope Bridge, Cross Country Rescue, Tire Flip, Team Run, and finally Obstacle Course. Each were very challenging, and in the end, the female team placed 4th overall on the state level and the male team placed 3rd overall at the state level. This article and photography were produced by Cadet Sergeant Seaira Swain, Cadet Major Alexis Morris and Cadet Sergeant Rico Rovito.