PSL Army JROTC Attacks Florida Institute of Technology Challenge Obstacle Course

On Saturday, September 15, 2018, cadets from the Port St. Lucie High School Army JROTC Jaguar Battalion joined four other high school Battalions at Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) in Fellsmere, Florida. The cadets negotiated through various obstacles that tested their skill, strength, and ability to overcome hardships. Cadets participated in a hands-on experiences including Marine and Aerial Assault obstacle courses. Each consisted of vigorous activities testing their balance and fear of heights.  Some of these elements included Low Belly Over, Belly Crawl, High Step Over, and Confidence Climb.

The cadets overcame many fears and saw their potential as they ran through the development in addition to bonding with other cadets. Pictured below: Cadet Captain Breanna Smith, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Veronica Patti, Cadet Addison C. Searcy, and Cadet Sergeant Justin Bennett as they navigate through set obstacles.