Project Citizens 2014 State Finals Participants

Participants and winners of the 2014 Project Citizen State Finals were recognized at the June 10th School Board Meeting. St. Lucie West K-8’s seventh grade team that was led by Ms. Stephanie Isaacs won 3rd Place in the State’s Project Citizen Showcase with their project entitled, Water Pollution Solution. Two other SLC teams that were in the top five were: West Gate K-8, with their project entitled, Residential Rehabilitation Center, and Palm Pointe with their project entitled, Puppy Mills Bite. The judges were very pleased with the portfolios, and were impressed with the depth of knowledge displayed and how all of the projects relayed the problem and the public policy solutions. Additionally, the judges enjoyed getting to interact with students and enjoyed the “techie” communication. Students were judged on their portfolios and on the quality of their oral hearings.

SLWK-8 (State 3rd Place Winner)

Stephanie Isaacs (Teacher)

Rea’zen Chatman

Aaron Guthrie

Angel Leal

David Madeus

Kayla Perez

Logan Rich


West Gate K-8

Ayesha Boria (Teacher)

Emily Barkheimer

Winston Bass

Isabella Castillo

Molly Goyette

Courtney Mason

Faith Monti

Lauren Pedraza

Celeste Rodriguez


Palm Pointe

Hillary Cruz (Teacher)

Annalisa Albert

Sarahi Fraga-Albuja

Mia Kirchner

Julia Pacek

Morgan Rinker

Christopher Skubish

William Treu

Christina Wagner

Congratulations to all our students on a job well done. Pictured on back row are, Genelle Yost (Superintendent), Ms. Stephanie Isaacs (SLWK-8 Teacher), Ms. Ayesha Boria (WGK-8 Teacher), Debbie Hawley (Board Chairman), and on the front row are, Emily Barkheimer, Winston Bass, Courtney Mason, Molly Goyette, Lauren Pedraza, and Celeste Rodriguez.