Professional Educators and Continuing Education

St. Lucie Public Schools obtained a Math/Science Partnership (MSP) grant focused on increasing science content knowledge. This grant provided twenty-five teachers with the opportunity to participate in the U-Futures program. Nine of these teachers continued, and through the grant along with the generosity of the University of Florida, they completed their Master of Arts in Education (MAE) in Science Education free of charge.

This cadre of professional educators worked diligently to complete the rigorous coursework required for this degree. Superintendent E. Wayne Gent and School Board Members celebrated their accomplishment at the January School Board Meeting.

Congratulations are extended to:


Jill Albers

Lisa Coble

Helen Harless

Kristin Hsu

Mary Margaret Kneidel

Marjorie Laster

Kelly Lunt

Sally Vandereedt

Jami Williams