Positive Peer Leadership Program Launched at Weatherbee

It was not a typical lunch period for the 35 boys delighted by a visit with Dr. David Washington, SLCSB Director of Recruitment and Retention, to kick-off Weatherbee’s monthly Hour-with-a-Positive-Powerful-Role-Model event.  This Peer Leadership Program is coordinated by Dr. Jennifer Nelson (5th grade teacher) and Guermithe Ogé (1st grade teacher).

The young men were captivated as Dr. Washington shared the timeline of his life — beginning with 3rd grade when his school, C. A. Moore Elementary, became racially integrated; to the challenges he overcame which made him stronger, the friend for life he made when he was the age of the boys in the audience, up to the present where his grandson is the 3rd generation of Washingtons to attend C.A. Moore.

The Positive Behavior Support and Kids at Hope initiatives at Weatherbee Elementary help students choose behaviors conducive to learning and visualize futures as productive members of their community.   To that end, Dr. Washington presented each student with a medal, a pencil to write their goals, a mint to help them focus, an eraser to move forward from their mistakes, a penny — the first cent of the $1,000,000.00 they will earn over their lifetimes – and the challenge to become leaders.

September 9, 2014