Port St. Lucie High Students Connect to Community

Thank you to Marine teacher, Mrs. Karen Cloutier and Art Teacher Mr. David Graham for collaborating with Oxbow Eco-Center, St. Lucie County Parks and Recreation, and local artist Brenda Lee to allow our students to apply their learning in authentic and meaningful ways while impacting our community for the better.

Students were joined by Kelly Boatwright and Jennifer Davis of SLC Parks and Recreation to learn more about the 10-year Master Plan and the development of Pioneer Park in the Port District. Artist Brenda Lee invited students to collaborate with her as she creates an art exhibit that delivers a powerful environmental message into the artwork at Pioneer Park. Megan Harris and Kirk Fusco of Oxbow Eco-Center facilitated an interactive learning opportunity in which our Art and Marine Science students learned about Red Mangroves as a keystone species, creating a nursery for marine animals and protection for our shoreline at the St. Lucie River Estuary.



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