Port St. Lucie High Freshmen Open House, JROTC and New Cadets

On Wednesday August 8, 2018, the Port St. Lucie High School Jaguar Battalion aided the incoming freshmen at open house, the school’s first event. The cadets of JROTC helped incoming students with finding their classes and enrolled many new cadets into the program. Fifty new eager cadets were assigned that day. Cadets working this event felt encouraged to reach out to young motivated students who want to better themselves and their community. Students already enrolled in the program were thrilled to collaborate with the freshmen.

Featured in photos: Cadet Sergeant Eddie Cook as a cadet guide, and the Color Guard is Commanded by Cadet Sergeant Moleon Mattews, accompanied by Cadet Captain Brianna Harris, Cadet First Sergeant Andre Hannon, and Cadet Sergeant Justin Bennett.