Port Saint Lucie High Dominates Area 3

The Port Saint Lucie High School Jaguar Raider Team travelled to South Fork High School to compete in the Area III Raider meet state qualifier. They competed against 21 other schools from 6 counties in five physically demanding events. The events consisted of Cross Country Rescue (team had to answer questions on first aid, treat a simulated 120lb casualty with supplies from 30lb ruck sacks and then move the casualty and supplies one mile to the safe zone), 100 meter 300lb tire flip, fitness test moving ten 30lb sand bags around a 25 meter course carrying two at a time, one Rope Bridge and a five kilometer team run.

Female Team placed first overall.  They placed first for Cross Country Rescue as well as Rope Bridge and third place for the other three events. Female team members are as follows: Mackenzie Shea (Commander), Allison Miakisz, Crystal Ortiz, Jasmine Quinones, Jamie Triplett, Gabby Moccia, Syanna Graham , Jaclyn Yearta, Savannah Cymbal, Victoria Mirable, Kaylee Zuidemia and  Sophia Heffner.

Male Team placed third overall. Second place for the 5k Run and the 100 meter tire flip and third place for the other events. The team was made up of Chaz Pollino (Commander), Colton Clark, Jaffrey Murankus, Travis Moberly, Ansari Khan, Jahmad Strong, Tyler Roberts, Nick Donaldson, Tyler Lynn, Ray Carroll, Josh Gonzalez and Clay Schrader.

Mixed Team placed fifth overall. Third place for both the 100 meter tire flip and the Fitness test. The team was Robert Hopkins (Commander), Michael St. Martin, Angel Reyes, Robert Bates, Julian Taft, Austin Melendez, Adam Pagan, Aja (Blu) O’Connor, Brittany Egger, Kaycee Rhodes, Jennifer Sanchez and Catherine Zukowski.

All of the teams did outstanding and worked very hard. They took home a total 13 trophies, two overall and 11 event trophies. Not only did the team dominate 21 schools, the Female Raider team also qualified for the State Raider Meet in Lake Wales, FL to compete against 10 of the best female teams in the state of Florida. The other teams were very impressed on how well our teams executed the events.