Parkway Elementary Hosts a SEL Family Night!

Parkway Elementary, in collaboration with the SEL Department and the 21st Century Afterschool Program hosted a family SEL Night. Lauren Kappler, the district’s Social and Emotional Parent Educator visited and educated parents both in person and virtually. The main goal of the night was for families to learn about the five Social-Emotional competencies and what Social-Emotional Learning looks like at Parkway.

Parents were provided tools that they can use at home with their child, such as mindfulness, check-ins, and family harmony goals related to the five SEL competencies.  In the picture, families were able to participate in a sample activity that their child might see in their classroom called “Keepy Uppy Challenge” to promote Relationship Skills, Social Awareness and Self-management. Families were asked to identify what skills they needed to be successful at this task, then worked as a group to keep the balloon up for as long as possible, then reflected on how they did, and what they could do differently and where else they might use these skills.