Palm Pointe teacher wins prizes from “Little Debbie” contest

The Make a Teacher a Classroom Hero program sponsored by “Little Debbie” was held during the month of August 2012. The area distributor who had the top sales total for the month would choose their favorite K-12 teacher to be a Classroom Hero and award that teacher with a $300.00 Visa gift card to use for their classroom supplies. Andy McNally, a local “Little Debbie” snack distributor, won the contest and picked Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition because the school is in the area that he delivers to. He contacted the school and wanted to pick a teacher that deserved the award. Principal Debra Snyder, knowing that all teachers at the school were deserving of the award, decided to put every teacher’s name in for a drawing on the daily morning announcements. Stephen LePore, a middle school autistic student was chosen to draw the teacher’s name.  He selected second grade teacher, Michelle Farley. The class and the teacher were all overwhelmed with the gifts that were presented to her and the class.  They received a whole box of snacks, a big stuffed deer to read with in the class and the teacher received a hat and the $300.00 gift card.  It was a very exciting day for everyone.  Palm Pointe would like to thank “Little Debbie” and of course Mr. McNally for their generosity and for choosing our school! Pictured, from left, Mr. McNally presents the prizes to Ms. Farley.