Martha Underwood, District Volunteer Coordinator, announced the Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award Recipients at the school board meeting on March 10, 2015. The Outstanding School Volunteer of the Year for the Youth category went to Sara Ramadan, a 12th grade student from St. Lucie West Centennial High School, who volunteers at Northport K-8 School with the band class. The total number of hours Sara has contributed is 850 hours as of now and more to come.
The Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award for the Adult category went to Jessica Lind from Northport K-8 School. Miss Lind has volunteered in the Little Light House Library and also in the Pre-Engineering Lab. The total number of hours Jessica has contributed is 1200 as of now and more to come.

The Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award for the Senior Category is Maryann Umile from Bayshore Elementary. Maryann arrives at school 45 minutes before school begins to assist Mrs. Hawkins and the other kindergarten teachers as they prepare for the day. When students are at resource, she can be found organizing and filing papers and preparing materials for the next activity. Maryann has volunteered over the past 15 years at Bayshore Elementary School with over 15,000 hours and more to come.

Thank you to all of school volunteers for everything you do for our children in St. Lucie County. It does not matter how much time you can give, it matters that you take the time to give.

Pictured are, Lori Beans, Dr. Donna Mills, Maryann Umile, Lori Reid, Genelle Yost, Sara Ramadan, Lynn Gruszka, Glenn Rustay, Jessica Lind, and Martha Underwood.