Our June STAR Awards Recipients

Our June STAR (Special Thanks And Recognition) recipients, Robert Hill and Marrissa Parker, were recognized at the board meeting on June 9, 2015.

Robert Hill, Port St. Lucie High School gatekeeper, is an amazing person and colleague. Every day he is out at the front of our school greeting everyone who visits our campus. He waves to every single bus, parent, student, staff member and visitor; they all love him. He is the first face of our school and sets the tone for our warm and welcoming environment. He knows a little something about almost everyone, from what kind of dog a person has to when students get their learner’s permit. He cultivates wonderful relationships with all our stakeholders. One of his other responsibilities is picking up students from classrooms if they need to be removed. While doing this, he uses the travel time between the classroom and the office to counsel the students. He helps them deescalate and gain perspective on the situation. He talks to kids throughout the day about what is going on in their lives; he takes the time to care. He is a team player who is always willing to help out where ever needed. They would be lost without him.

Two words describe Marissa Parker, Food Services, compassion and grace. A few months ago the district office was contacted by a father whose family recently relocated to St. Lucie County. His concern was that he assumed that because his family was receiving other state services that his children would automatically be granted Free Lunch. His three children had accumulated a lunch balance that raised a concern with the school lunch staff. Once the family learned that they must complete a Free Lunch Application they did so immediately. Meanwhile, the issue of an outstanding balance was still at hand. This family was living in temporary housing and financially was unable to resolve the balance and cover the cost of the upcoming week. The father feared that he would have to keep his three children home if they were unable to eat lunch. Marissa handled the situation with compassion, grace and ease, assuring that the students’ balance would be taken care of and that they would have no lapse in receiving free lunch. Marissa shows that we need to be compassionate for others who are experiencing difficulties and help out in whatever ways we can. Thank you for having a kind heart.

Congratulations to our STAR employees. We appreciate all you do.