K – 8 Open Enrollment

(applies to in-zone and out-of-zone students)
Kindergarten – 8th Grade: March 1 – 31

Open Enrollment and School Choice Questions and Answers

  • If my children currently attend a school within my zone, has anything changed for them? No.
  • The new law says my child can enroll in any school in the District. Am I guaranteed a seat at the school of my choice? A seat must be available for your child’s grade at the school.
  • If I want my children to attend the same school outside of my zone, is there any guarantee they will be assigned together? No. Seats must be available in each of your children’s grades.
  • If my older child is enrolled in an out-of-zone school, will my younger child be given priority as a sibling? Yes.
  • Will my child be placed on a waiting list if he doesn’t get assigned to our out-of-zone school choice? No.
  • Will my high school child be allowed to change schools at any time to participate in extracurricular programs and/or sports? Placement in an out-of-zone school will only occur in January for the following school year. If enrolled, your child will be eligible to participate in extracurricular programs and/or sports.
  • If one of my children is currently enrolled in a District-wide attractor program, will my younger child be allowed to enroll in the same school? Yes, the younger child can apply for the out-of-zone school during the appropriate open enrollment period for the next school year.
  • Will my child get a bus if she is enrolled in an out-of-zone school? No.
  • If my child is enrolled in an out-of-zone school and I can no longer provide transportation, what happens? You will need to come to the Student Assignment Office to receive an assignment for an in-zone school.
  • How do I find out about the procedures for school assignment? Information including the application process, how to apply for an out-of-zone school, and capacity for each school will be published on the District’s website (www.stlucieschools.org).
  • My child is currently enrolled at a school in another district, but I want him to attend a St. Lucie Public School. When can I apply? Applications for students who live in another district may be submitted in March. Parents will be notified if a seat is available at their Choice school two weeks before school starts.
  • When will school capacities be available on the web page? Once approved by the School Board, each school’s final capacity will be published. Information will include which schools are over capacity and not available for out-of-zone assignment.
  • Will a percentage of seats be “held back” for out-of-zone students? The law states that parents can choose any school that has not reached capacity.
  • Has anything changed regarding enrollment in magnet schools? Ninety percent of the seats will be assigned through chronological order and the remaining 10 percent will be assigned by lottery for all students on the waitlist.
  • When will I find out if my child is assigned to a magnet school? The magnet assignment timeline has not changed. The process for assigning students to magnet schools will continue to begin in December.
  • If I need my child to be enrolled in a specific school because of a hardship, can I still apply for a transfer? Yes.
  • If I want my high school child to participate in a specific curriculum program that is not offered at her in-zone school, can I request a curriculum transfer? Yes, as long as there are seats available in the school and in the program requested.

Author: Lydia Martin

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